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Description and Benefits

Description and Benefits

A eletubo is a tubular panoramic elevator concept never seen, that uses a patent system of lifting routine that will "not leave anyone indifferent”

Product General characteristics

• It works quick and easy installation.
• Elimination of Architectural Barriers.
• Freestanding.
• Panoramic 360 degrees.
• Lifting Technologies, innovative and patented.
• Performance.
• Minimum maintenance.
• Maximum safety and compliance with European Machinery Directive

Without work, quick and easy installation

A eletubo can draw directly on any existing flooring.
A eletubo allows similar functionality with a traditional elevator or escalator, and saves space compared to a conventional elevator.

Another major advantage of these lifts, is that you do not need or civil, or pit, or machine room.
Do not be afraid to work at home, the installation can be done in two days.

This product is ideal for shopping centers, private clinics, small hotels, duplex apartments, warehouses, offices, houses,  just think about where to locate it.



Elimination of Architectural Barriers

Contribute to the elimination of architectural barriers and facilitating access with a touch of style and distinction.



A eletubo is not a fixed instalation, it can be disassembled and transported easily.
Is supported on itself for its innovative design.

Panoramic 360 degrees

It is a stylish, functional and very rarely seen design.
Allows 360-degree visibility.
A eletubo, because of its peculiarities, enables you to own the most similar to a panoramic lift, but at a much lower price.

Lifting technologies, innovative and patented

The technologies used for elevation are innovative and revolutionary.
Patents in over 25 countries worldwide and more than 1000 installed in the U.S. alone, testify to the strength of these technologies.
All eletubo models are protected by the rights of those patents.


Speed 0.15 m / sec.
It has minimal power consumption,  with single-phase motors to 220 v.
A eletubo can have 2, 3, 4 or 5 stops.
They are designed for indoor use.
They are supplied in various colors to choose from.
There are eletubo models with boarding and exit in different directions.

Minimum maintenance

System maintenance is very simple and is recommended every 4 months, is revised by an approved company, so this is another great advantage of eletubo.
In the case of heavy use, the maintenance company may require more frequent maintenance visits.

Maximum security and compliance with European Machinery Directive

The eletubo has a phone inside the cabin.
Its transparent design greatly reduces the potential claustrophobia of certain people.
All eletubo models are designed with sufficient ventilation openings.
Have overload detector, and automatic brake mechanical action.
There are some assurances that prevent access to the inside of the tube during normal operation.
To a possible power outage, the cabin automatically falls downstairs.
The ENI eletubo complies with European Directive 98/37/EC issued by Liftinstituut.Cert. : NL 04-400-1001 - 069-01



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